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I took my final exam last Monday and when I arrived home in the afternoon, my parents sat still waiting for me. 

"How's the result?" they asked.
"Well...I'm passed." I dunno where my voice gone, it seems like I was whispering here.
"Congratulation." my mother said.

Hearing this, I kind of lost of words for a while. Honestly, I've never heard my mother said this word to me. Out of all the 'achievement' I've got since kindergarten to senior high, I never heard even once my mother said this as I remembered. Usually she said, 'glad you make it' or 'you've done your best'. Most of the time she's just smile, showing that her worries has gone. Its not that she's not proud of it or what, but that's how she expressed how she really care. So it kinda awkward hearing this 'congratulation' word, I even dunno how to react. I felt like tears is coming on my eyes (now that I'm writing this, it sounds so lame...haha). I dunno, I kinda feels I'm graduated one step forward from being always-be-their-daughter, it feels like I'm a truly adult now. It's kind of sad but happy at the same time ~.~. I was about to cry... Before that happenned, I rushed to give both my parents kiss on hand. (We're not used to give a hug or kiss on cheek in my family, the best way to express anything is to kiss our parents hand.) Luckily the tears didn't come or it will be even more awkward for me :P (I kinda don't want them worried about me again, ne...) 

Just after that I found out that actually they've already known about me passing the test from my sister. Indeed, I texted my sister before since she texted me first, asking how's the test result. I realized maybe they're really worried about me, and wanna make sure by asking me in person. Thank you Mum, Dad, I guess I never thank enough to you both.

I'm glad I finished my college years safely. Now I don't have to be ashamed to Sho...XDDD (even though I'm a freeter now...hey, is there anyone who have job offer for me, please?).
Those hard times when I faced big walls in front of me seemed like so far away. But these 3 months since I'm completely into Arashi, it feels like everything going so fast and surprisingly smoother than before (you could say that this is one of my fangirl fit boasting, but that's exactly how I feel now). Their songs help me a lot.

So, for everyone who's now struggling with their studies, I'd like to present my 'Arashi's Encouragement Songs List'. These songs I mention here have been in my 'must' play list ever since I've got them. Hope they also help you get through hard times.

to be free sky

I love this to be free framed sky <3

for those who want to be encouraged by Arashi :) )

me and arashi♥.

Being inspired by:

"Aiba, Ninomiya, Matsumoto, Ohno, Sakurai! We'll do the things only all five of us together can do! And bring people all over the world, feelings of happiness!"
-Matsumoto Jun in Mayonaka no Arashi.

"I just kept making them anyway. It was like…made it, failed, made it, failed… (laughs) But if I had been failing too much, I just couldn’t find the way to fail anymore. Then it was getting closer to what I wanted slowly. Once I could make it, I really enjoyed making it."
-Satoshi Ohno on comment about his artworks exhibition, Freestyle.

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