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... an Arashi song that released in 2008, an original opening soundtrack of drama Maou (2008) starring Arashi's Leader Ohno Satoshi and Ikuta Toma.

Haha, I'm trolling~ ;P

The real truth is I have so many things to talk and/or confess about. Regarding Arashi. Regarding Me, myself. Regarding What I feel. Whoa, that's a lot. I think now is the time to blurt them out (more like, it's now than ever) because I've received and been given so much since I knew them: the 5 people with indescribable I dunno-what. Sooner or later I have to write this out because the feeling is getting stronger and stronger as time goes. I think I need to properly express this, in my own words, in my own way.

Lately I'm rarely (almost never) updated my personal blog that's written in my first language. I think I know why, most probably because I don't feel the comfort of using the language anymore: either I'll sound so rude and egocentric or I'll sound too formal and stiff. That's the difficulty I face with using my first language. So yes, the result is I talk more in this LJ, my tumblr, and my rambling-personal-blog, plus, more than anything: twitter. Even so, I don't post that much in this LJ so I figure it's the right time to write what I should write before it's getting more and more complicated (in a good way though), the feeling itself.

the pre-era (knowing Johnny's)/first first impression
I knew Tackey from dramas, I knew Jun (as the character, I dunno anything but Jun himself at that time) from HYD 1, I knew Shun from dramas too (I mentioned Shun since there are many dramas I watched because I want to see him). It was quite some times before I finally knew Johnny's. Talk about the times, I think Shun is the most recent one because I knew him from HYD but his image didn't really stick to my head yet I immediately recognized him when I watch Detective Conan live action.
So when I watched HanaKimi (invited by a friend), my impression is: "whoa, this guy again. this guy surely appeared a lot in jdramas eh?" That's when I found Toma. Shortly after watching HanaKimi, I watched Gokusen 2. So I found Kame and Jin. It was around that time I introduced to Johnny's, thanks to Toma, and Kame and Jin too ;P.
I know Toma has another great drama (or that's what internet says) titled Maou, in which my friend looked for and failed to be found but she found the soundtrack instead. Yes, it's no other than 'truth'. There I was, introduced to a 'certain senpai group' that Toma worked with one of them in Maou, which is the group's leader apparently. Impression: 'oh, he looks like a boring, stiff old man.'
Watching my first Arashi PV, there are some vivid first impressions left:

  1. good song, almost great. well yeah, it's growing on me. I like rock after all.

  2. wait, it sounds like some kind of J-rock group, hmm? Laruku? T.M. Revolution? Anything like that. Those guys who sung for Rurouni Kenshin anime's OST? Are mostly J-male group's songs this type? They didn't look like v-kei though.

  3. eh. but they're not a band, they're just singing dan dancing with orchestra playing behind them... or they''re actually playing instruments? well... the dance looks cool indeed.

  4. -regarding Ohno- oh so this's the senpai. well, looks old, boring (and bored). ugh, I dunno. not that important.

  5. -regarding Jun- hey, I knew him somewhere... wait. *thinking* was it that romance-but-not-so-romantic drama? HYD right? I remembered him, the cocky-yet-gentle jerk right? when he saved that girl... I thought I change my mind (just quite a bit tho) abt him. Name? I don't really care, I don't remember. well, it was a great drama... I stick to that one 'til the end, the script+the acting+the chemistry all great. *searching* eh, so it's this guy. well, he's still look like a jerk, a little bit huh. I guess it's his personality? but he's so different when he saved that girl, okay... nice acting then.

  6. -regarding Sho- I dunno him, just a regular guy huh? Nothing special. So, so.

  7. -regarding Aiba- ehh, isn't he's the most ugly one? (I did think that way LOL) so average, so... like some kind of Chinese celeb? Is he japanese? or not? what's with the hair color? Looks like someone from 5566, dunno... that basketball c-drama? or taiwanese drama? I didn't follow it back then. Red pants huh? Maybe that's the odd part, because his hair is reddish too :v.

  8. -regarding Nino- eh? huh? I think this one is quite cute (finally!)... he's the most handsome out of all. *searching* nicknamed Nino? oh, he has a latin blood? (XDD) well, if he truly is I'm not surprised. he has the looks of half. no, with that particular looks he should be a half! (I'm so stupid ROFL). well at least, there's someone looking good enough in this group. well, he's really cute.

So that's how I first knew Arashi (only knew, I have no interest whatsoever). I know them, quite like their song, played it frequently, but I don't know nor care about the group itself. Just enjoy that one pv and song is enough. No curiosity at all.

By this time, I know Toma is a part of what's called 'Johnny's Junior' and enjoyed some of his performances in SC: solo, with 4TOPS, or with other groups. I know Kat-tun too (thanks to Gokusen), enjoying some of their musics. From there, I know Yamapi too, as well as other 4TOPS members. That's how I found Johnny's.

[continue to part 2]

me and arashi♥.

Being inspired by:

"Aiba, Ninomiya, Matsumoto, Ohno, Sakurai! We'll do the things only all five of us together can do! And bring people all over the world, feelings of happiness!"
-Matsumoto Jun in Mayonaka no Arashi.

"I just kept making them anyway. It was like…made it, failed, made it, failed… (laughs) But if I had been failing too much, I just couldn’t find the way to fail anymore. Then it was getting closer to what I wanted slowly. Once I could make it, I really enjoyed making it."
-Satoshi Ohno on comment about his artworks exhibition, Freestyle.

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