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Sorry that this is a loooong post but rather than a report, it's more like my impression of the concert itself. Since it was my first time attend an Arashi concert and it took me quite some times to finish writing this all (yep, due to work and internet connection), there may be many things missed. Plus the fact that I didn't take even a note to write interesting things happened when the show is going (my bad!). So yeah, mistakes are much possible. Pardon for any structure and grammar mistake, English is not my first language and I keep studying it forever.

I arrived quite late in the Dome area. We're allowed to get inside starting 14.00 but I think I was arrived on 14.30. Plus, I have to wait for Berda, my friend from whom I got the ticket, as she's also watching the concert. It took only a minute or so to tap my fanlight in the area near the Tokyo Dome Hotel and then I headed to the front of the Dome. There are already many people packed up the area, but I still have to wait so I took my time to buy extra goods I want (can't help it! XP). My plan is to buy a medal brooch, roller stamp, and another Ohno's mini uchiwa for my sister (I was totally forgot so I only bought one for myself on 19th). To my surprise I found that Ohno's mini uchiwa is sold out! Not long after followed by group's clearfile and Ohno's clearfile also out of stock! Well, Ohno is popular lately it seems? Also it's the last day of the tour so people might be buying extra goods as many as possible, haha.

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We left for Asakusa quite early in the morning. Another appoinment has waiting that day: a reunion with an acquintance who said she would bring a friend who also loves Arashi. Mariko is a friend we knew from our friend back in hometown. She spent a week or so in our town last year in December and we had quite few trips together, or more likely our part is the guide and Mariko is the guest. It was very exciting.
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I guess I'll write my report on Ghibli and Nakano in another post. ^^b
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After enjoying free breakfast from our hostel in Yokohama that morning, we left for Kawagoe. Yeah, from Yokohama to Kawagoe is quite a length of a journey. This time we have to meet with another friend of my friend right in Kawagoe station. It was my first time meeting her, Yoshie-san and her senpai in university, Morita-san. I guess it was their first time in Kawagoe too (?) We have to find coin lockers to put my friend luggage and my omiyage from Yokohama then looking for a kaiten sushi shop to answer the wailing stomach (already! haha). There's no Sushiro nearby but we found a cheap one in the atre mall right in front of the station. Almost everything is 100 yen (+tax ofc) but as my friend said the choices are not as wide as Sushiro. But well, we haven't eat sushi ever since we're in Japan, so it's fine.

Mr. Donut is everywhere here!

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Still in our lovely hotel in Arakawa, we woke up and getting ready for Yokohama. We'll be checking out and spend the night in Yokohama for 20. Had our quick breakfast then took Tokyo Metro, change train... got off in Ishikawacho and met my friend in the Dotour Cafe in front of the China Town exit. Ahead to Yokohama China Town~ named as the biggest China town in Japan.
Right when we starting to walk it's slowly raining, at first it was a very light drizzle though. Yokohama Chinatown basically sell anything from fresh seafoods, clothes, to snacks, meals, and souvenirs. We bought cheese egg tart and some foods in Lawson 100, which sells every thing for only 100 yen or less (if you're lucky!). I got a bunch of bread for my self. Strolling through Chinatown we reached the meeting point to see my friend's friend. Sayo-san is currently living in Tokyo but she's originally from Nagano. Next destination is to go to Cup Noodles Museum and for this we have to take a train.
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[at last! I'm back and I'll be back!]

So... I'm home now!
After spending about 10 days in Japan, it's somehow feel good to back to my lovely home town. Haha.
Not that Japan isn't great, is not about that at all. Japan is good, but the best part is of course Tokyo Dome! <3

I wouldn't say I've met the boys, but at least I saw them with my own two eyes.

I went to Tokyo for the first 6 days (landing in Narita) then headed to Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto to back to Narita again in the last day. Basically my Tokyo days full of meeting new (and old) people. Here are the timeline occurences.

18 December 2014
Arrived in Narita on time, Took my wifi in QL Liner (Terminal 2, 3rd floor). Buying kairo for cold protection (that thing is magic, really!) headed to Tokyo Station by Keisei Bus. Got lost in Tokyo Station, yeah. But then found the right way, go to Ueno then change train to Minami Senju. Took times for us to fing the right way to our hotel, but finally found it! Welcomed by the strong cold wind and light drizzle. Phew. We're finally arrived. The initial plan is to watch Kabuki and roaming around Shibuya, but since we're tired and need cleaning and eating something... we stopped for a while.
Met a boy named Jarid from Australia when we use the common room to eat and relax. Haha. He stayed with friends after their study tour is over like a week prior. Talked about manga, anime, and jpop cultures. Wow.
Clean body and happy stomach, headed to Akihabara! Akiba is just a few station away from Minami Senju. And happy thing is we decided to try another way (randomly) to go to the station and found a nice path: it's quieter and easier and nearer. Lucky! Get lost a little bit in Akiba just to try to find Book Off but managed to found it after buying some stuffs in Uniqlo (quite pricey for me, just grab a pair of stocking). It was in the atre 1. Japanese station usually has this shopping centre around that called atre, I think. Have seen them in quite some places. Finally, Book Off! but I didn't find what I'm looking for there, so no shopping.
It's quite late so we decided to back to hotel and continue the journey on the next day. That night is pretty cold, probably because it was our first night in Japan so we need to adapt. It's winter anyway.

19 December 2014
Already made appointment with 2 people that day: meet Daphne and my friend who will bring me ticket. But there's one thing need to be done first: get the goods in Tokyo Dome. So we headed to Tokyo Dome thru Suidobashi Station (it's quite near from Minami Senju!) and yes, the Dome was easy to find. Across the street from Suidobashi station all the way to the dome there are some girls holding signs asking for ticket... ah so sad to see them ><. Reached the dome area, there are many people already, and there are some different spots for good sales. There are many staffs who show you the way, saying "Arashi concert goods sale is this way" so you won't be confused, just follow the line. I choose to enter the nearest one from Suidobashi entrance, which is indoor, near the shopping and food center I guess. There are already many people queuing but not too long since there are many booths and it was basically quick service (excellent staffs!). Basically they separated the goods like bags and photobook, or mini uchiwas and medal brooch, so you can basically hopping from booth to booth once you get what you want. I've done my shopping only in about 30 minutes!!! Truly a fulfiling quality time in my opinion. On the end of the sales venue there's a digitalian area where you can tap your fanlight according to your ticket color. Sadly I haven't got my ticket yet, so I couldn't tap my uchiwa. So I got thru and went out. Took some times to rest and take a look around the dome. It was around 12 so I bet the rehearsal is starting already? This thought somehow makes me excited. Overall, even tho there are many people come and goe but the sales is fast and easy. The staffs are very nice and helpful (remember, with my crappy Japanese mixed with Engrish of course XP).
Since we already made an appointment to meet Daphne in Akihabara, we're left. We were a little bit late and finally we met in front of Book Off! Daphne is from Australia but she's currently in Tokyo for a friend's wedding. The plan is to have a lunch and so we're headed to a kebab shop recommended by my friend. It actually has a website and they displayed Okada picture, yes he's been there.
Took quite some times to find the restaurant, it was small but cozy. To our surprise, this shop also featured in Arashi ni Shiyagare where Furuta Arata came as the guest... they even displayed the caps of that episode inside and outside the store, ahaha! I ordered Beef Kebab Rice Bowl, the portion is big so I have difficulty finishing my food >< so sad... even though the jalapeno is great!!! Next time I won't buy the don, really.
Just an info: Star Kebab is the first kebab shop in Japan! (so Dahpne explained to us). Here's the website http://www.kebab.co.jp/akiba_terrace.html

After lunch Daphne kindly guided us roaming around Akiba. She's good in Japanese so it's easy to move around without getting lost haha! My Japanese is basically crappy so it helps a lot. Visited Hard Off and found a decent binoculars for my friend, later this is useful for concert so I borrowed from her, haha *slapped*. Went to Don Quijote (too many stuffs!!! o.O) and animate to grab some omiyage requested by friends back home. Time flies and Daphne have to go as she has another appointment. Thank you so much, Daphne <3 Sorry for all the ruckus! Hope we can meet again next time ;) Still have some times before 7 (the time I have to pick my ticket) so walking around Akihabara station and enjoy the park (?) in front of the station.
It takes about 30 minutes to go to Shibuya so we left Akiba on about 6.30. Shibuya is a pretty big station and with the current flows of people it doesn't help at all... it was rush hour I guess? Or maybe it's just so many people going to Shibuya. Even so we're succeed and met right in front of Hachiko exit. So there I met Berda and got my ticket! It's blue <3 Berda was with her two friends and apparantly they have another appointment in few minutes. Shibuya is just too crowded, huh. So we just walked across the street ahead to Tsutaya together then separated, before making another appoinment to attend the concert together.
I found what I'm looking for in Tsutaya but decided to leave it for now and went to look for Mandarake instead. We failed to find the store but caught up on Book Off (yep, again!) and Bingo instead. Bingo is the part of Book Off which sells secondhand clothes, watches, shoes, and other accessories. They have some new stuffs too I guess. My friend got a pair of cute boots here only with 500 yen, she's lucky. Sadly, even this Book Off doesn't have many Arashi CDs, only some DVDs... but a lot of drama DVDs (which are expensive!). Me got a secondhand cd for omiyage in Book Off instead. It's getting late so we decided to drop the Mandarake plan and went back to Tsutaya. Oh yeah, at that time, Shibuya is basically full of TOKIO, Kanjani8, and Kis-My-Ft2 promoting their own project. I only once seen Devil Nino Pocky haha. Speaking of the devil, accidentally my friend found a branch of Tacchon's dad yakitori chain restaurant: Torikizoku, completed with a mugendai sign after the name.
Grab what we want in Tsutaya and then ride on the train back to hostel~ The next day we'll meet another friend and a group of students in tour in Yokohama and plan to ride the ferris wheel in Minato Mirai 21! So it's all for now.

me and arashi♥.

Being inspired by:

"Aiba, Ninomiya, Matsumoto, Ohno, Sakurai! We'll do the things only all five of us together can do! And bring people all over the world, feelings of happiness!"
-Matsumoto Jun in Mayonaka no Arashi.

"I just kept making them anyway. It was like…made it, failed, made it, failed… (laughs) But if I had been failing too much, I just couldn’t find the way to fail anymore. Then it was getting closer to what I wanted slowly. Once I could make it, I really enjoyed making it."
-Satoshi Ohno on comment about his artworks exhibition, Freestyle.

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