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I woke up early just as planned. Well, with a little rolling now and then... haha. But yep, I'm early enough for a person who's supposed to be jetlagged. My motivation is... to get a good breakfast at Lawson 100 nearby! I was so fall in love with Lawson 100 last year unfortunately I haven't got time to explore one that's located very close to my hotel. So I went and grab my usual staples: wakame onigiri (no tuna mayo! Why?), a pack of boiled eggs (I really really really love this) called ajitsuke tamago, and a small pack of salad (lettuce and sliced onions). I went back to the hotel chirping happily that even the cold morning weather outside feels so fresh to a tropical person like me.

Main staple for survival.

Yeah, the plan for Tuesday, December 15th (wow, last night there was zero and I missed it, I realized) is to meet a friend of my friend back at home and pass some important stuffs to her. She's also love Arashi and one big point is that her ichiban is Ohno <3. Guess I'll have a great quality time today, I thought. The first day is usually a day when I have trouble deciding where to go first (we only promised to meet at noon on around 1) since I have a long list of destinations and which route is the best to take (timely and economically LOL). I know I plan to visit Kagurazaka in the morning one of the days but... well, after hesitating until almost 10 I decided to go for it.

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YAY!!! So my second Japan trip just completed~~~
(actually last week... I'm just too lazy to write and post)

I know when I plan to complete last year trip reports, I didn't make it (yet, 'cause I still want to continue, for the sake of me!) but I really really want to complete this year report... or may I say, diary? Yep yep. This time it's hitori tabi. I departed from the airport all alone and most of the times make the journey by myself, except when I met friends. Anxious? Yes, I have to admit. It was my first hitori tabi for a plane trip, furthermore overseas. Well, it's not like I've been in a domestic plane travel tho. LOL. So far, my flights were always international until... yeah, this trip.
So I board the plane to Tokyo from KLIA2, and it it would be my first time to visit KL. Even before the boarding, I already feel anxious. Unlike last year trip, that required us to take a transit in Singapore which is already familiar for me because I've been there for 2 previous trips. At least, I'm familiar with how things work there. KLIA2 would be a new experience for me to get thru. Besides, I will be there only for less than 2 hours, meaning that I will have to hurry instead of learning the airport. It was a short trip from the country to KL, yet the whole times I didn't really enjoy it. As I predicted it was a rushing time to catch up the plane to Haneda... anxiety anxiety. Until when I boarded the plane, at least. When the flight attendant's voice explaining things in Japanese I felt relief.. haha. At last, something familiar! I'm just that easy. It was a long journey to Haneda and since we're a little ahead than scheduled, naturally we arrived early. Still, with the long process I only managed to get onto the train on around 11 (or more?). I haven't yet find wifi except a short connection offered by JR East. So I took the monorail then got off at Hamamatsu-cho just to take JR to Ueno (uhm, or Nippori? Either one of them is my usual point of transit) then to take the train to Minamisenju, where my hotel is, just like last year's. Everything is very girigiri and I just glad I didn't miss the last train and by the time I reached the hotel it was over 12 already. I have requested the hotel people to wait for my late arrival tho, so when the staff told me that I'm the last to check in that night I'm not surprised.
Yeah, finally. So I went upstair where my room is just two doors away from the room I shared with my friend last year. Everything could wait tomorrow so I just wash my face, hands, and feet and prepared to go to bed. I was hungry, but for now, a little bit drink and snack will do. Sleep! For the sake of tomorrow!!!

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Sorry that this is a loooong post but rather than a report, it's more like my impression of the concert itself. Since it was my first time attend an Arashi concert and it took me quite some times to finish writing this all (yep, due to work and internet connection), there may be many things missed. Plus the fact that I didn't take even a note to write interesting things happened when the show is going (my bad!). So yeah, mistakes are much possible. Pardon for any structure and grammar mistake, English is not my first language and I keep studying it forever.

I arrived quite late in the Dome area. We're allowed to get inside starting 14.00 but I think I was arrived on 14.30. Plus, I have to wait for Berda, my friend from whom I got the ticket, as she's also watching the concert. It took only a minute or so to tap my fanlight in the area near the Tokyo Dome Hotel and then I headed to the front of the Dome. There are already many people packed up the area, but I still have to wait so I took my time to buy extra goods I want (can't help it! XP). My plan is to buy a medal brooch, roller stamp, and another Ohno's mini uchiwa for my sister (I was totally forgot so I only bought one for myself on 19th). To my surprise I found that Ohno's mini uchiwa is sold out! Not long after followed by group's clearfile and Ohno's clearfile also out of stock! Well, Ohno is popular lately it seems? Also it's the last day of the tour so people might be buying extra goods as many as possible, haha.

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We left for Asakusa quite early in the morning. Another appoinment has waiting that day: a reunion with an acquintance who said she would bring a friend who also loves Arashi. Mariko is a friend we knew from our friend back in hometown. She spent a week or so in our town last year in December and we had quite few trips together, or more likely our part is the guide and Mariko is the guest. It was very exciting.
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I guess I'll write my report on Ghibli and Nakano in another post. ^^b
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After enjoying free breakfast from our hostel in Yokohama that morning, we left for Kawagoe. Yeah, from Yokohama to Kawagoe is quite a length of a journey. This time we have to meet with another friend of my friend right in Kawagoe station. It was my first time meeting her, Yoshie-san and her senpai in university, Morita-san. I guess it was their first time in Kawagoe too (?) We have to find coin lockers to put my friend luggage and my omiyage from Yokohama then looking for a kaiten sushi shop to answer the wailing stomach (already! haha). There's no Sushiro nearby but we found a cheap one in the atre mall right in front of the station. Almost everything is 100 yen (+tax ofc) but as my friend said the choices are not as wide as Sushiro. But well, we haven't eat sushi ever since we're in Japan, so it's fine.

Mr. Donut is everywhere here!

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me and arashi♥.

Being inspired by:

"Aiba, Ninomiya, Matsumoto, Ohno, Sakurai! We'll do the things only all five of us together can do! And bring people all over the world, feelings of happiness!"
-Matsumoto Jun in Mayonaka no Arashi.

"I just kept making them anyway. It was like…made it, failed, made it, failed… (laughs) But if I had been failing too much, I just couldn’t find the way to fail anymore. Then it was getting closer to what I wanted slowly. Once I could make it, I really enjoyed making it."
-Satoshi Ohno on comment about his artworks exhibition, Freestyle.

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