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Day #5 – Japonism Tour - Yafuoku Dome, Dec 18th 2015

We're finally arrived on the big moment! Yafuoka Dome is a huge building, with a long steep stairs to reach it from the bus stop. Luckily, there's elevator so we can save our legs for the concert instead. We plan to meet Virginia who agree to get her ticket from my friend, but she'll arrive later, as she needs to do something. She already bought her goods earlier in the day tho. So that left us with the shopping and we done it pretty quick: there's queue but everyone is moving so fast, I have to thanks the goods staffs for their hard work! It didn't feel like we're waiting at all. I bought calendar, bag, and penlight (a must? Credit to our MJ) with furoshiki and some masking tapes before they're gone in a flash! The rest of the goods can wait later. Just like in Tokyo Dome, I can easily recognized the blue long coat the goods staffs are wearing. Guess it's the same everywhere?

One of my friends asked me to take a pic of the Japonism monument (?) like we got to see last year in Tokyo, but such thing isn't available here in Fukuoka. Later we found out that the monument thing is only for Tokyo (? correct me if I'm wrong). I met with people from a Line group that was formed as a response of this LJ posts: Ghadda, Crystal, Cindy, and Christine. Wow, so many people with C in this group! Haha. Too bad I could only see them very briefly, it was almost 5 and they want to get inside quickly and I have a friend waiting for me. I couldn't talk too much with them, sadly, so I hope we can meet soon in another occasion. It was short but nice to see you girls! ;DDD

Virginia arrived very girigiri (a little later than half past 5!) but we're glad we finally met and the three of us rushed to our gate: Gate 8. I'm walking fast while thinking... it was always girigiri, me attending the concert haha, last year was no different than this huh. I dunno how we could find our seats fast enough (it must be those two who found them, not me!) but it was just then when I see Kaori-san, who get her ticket from my friend also. Turned out she informed me via Line that she's already inside the dome but I haven't got time to check my phone until I got inside too, haha.
P_20151218_180134 copy.jpg
The view from our seats! ^o^

The seat was surprisingly good and near!!! Waaaaayyyy much better than my seat last year, which was more on the upper part. This time I also got the right side of the stage. Unlike last year when we got scolded by an obaa-san for taking pictures inside, this time I took quite some pics safely, haha. So we get ready with our fighting weapons: penlight and uchiwa. It's funny how the four of us have different uchiwas: Kaori-san with Nino, Genie on my right side with Sho, me with Ohno, and my friend on the left with Jun. We only lacked of Aiba here, too bad. It's a contrast that last year who's beside me was Berda, who likes Aiba... haha. Just coincidence I guess.

The stage is made of four red pillars and there are screens in the middle and on its right and left side. One more screen located across the middle of the stage. Then the lights were dimmed and we could hear people screaming for something I dunno what. Later I found out that some people might heard the circle shout the boys always formed right before the show. So the music are slowly fading in... and the screens display the animations (!) of each members facing their “past self”. The gamer Nino is facing with a soldier (?) in the warring state period I guess. Ohno who's doing some craft with fire is facing a figure of himself doing pottery in the past. Aiba who's doing Aiba Manabu (I guess?) is facing with himself as a farmer. Sho with Sakura petals fall around him is facing a what? I think he was a... scholar? I don't remember!!! And then finally Jun facing himself as a lord in a castle. There are questions accompanying all of those: what we were, what we are now, and what will we become in the future? What is our roles? And that's the cue to bring the theme “Japonism”, to see all over again their existences. Right after the animation slowly fading out the boys are out from behind some kind of glass doors in the center back of the stage. They're wearing gold outfits and singing Sakura. YEAH! Honestly, I didn't really pay attention to the setlist even tho I have read them thru twitter. So it's kinda surprised me that they use Sakura as opening. I think Sakura is a very good song, it's strong and energetic yet I know that it's a heavier song. Nevertheless, I love the deep meaning and I know that using this song as an opening will left a big mark in our mind. Nice choice, I guess?

Miyabi-night is also not something I expected to come right after Sakura, however they do it smoothly it feels so natural. After this I really need to take a peek on the setlist as my memory tends to display the stages and the screens instead what song is next XP. Wild at heart came early just after miyabi-night and as usual, this song successfully raise the mood of the audiences, we're slowly getting hyped! Followed by Troublemaker, in which I eagerly watching them to spot Yama pair's heartbeat... tho it's hard to see from the right side and by the time I saw the screen it's over in a flash, haha. They get back together for Aokimi and danced the usual routines. Right after aokimi is the aisatsu part, I look forward a lot. First is Nino with his usual irasshaimase, he shout out Fukuoka, and told us to get hyped. Next is Aiba-chan, his voice is high-pitched already (as always!!!) and as usual he screeched something we didn't understand although we laughed at him out loud. Ohno's part is next and I prepared myself to follow his cue, again with the Japonism matsuri~~~ DEIN!!! I shout it out~ Jun next asked us if we were ready and then eventually said that he will make us happy tonight (oh, Jun. I just can't help thinking he's a dork, indeed!). Sho is the last and as usual he refers to the upper seats a lot, his aisatsu is also the longest althought the others seem to have the same length tonight.

They played Make a Wish, a mid-tempo song, pretty early in my opinion which of course I wonder what will come next. It's not too long before we realized that Nino isn't there and I can't help but think, oh, so this song could be sung by 4? Haha. Right after Nino came out in the middle of the center stage, in white outfits. He looks cute and he's holding a white lightsabre (or so how's it look) in his hand. He waved his hands to the crowd and teasing us, clearly enjoying the moment (brat!!!). Everytime he moved his feet, a certain sound is played, much sounds like a game tunes. He's doing some tap dance, playing with his movements and doing some comedy skits haha. The music eventually building up to the intro for his solo, Music. I know I'll be enjoying his solo performance rather that last year's and the song make its way to the top of my Nino's fave solos and among Japonism songs pretty early. Oh, and this time our penlight also controlled again and I have to say the arrangement won't lose to last year's, combined with the stage lights. This year Nino's solo is really good and the the lighting arrangement had only emphasize his performance even more. I honestly and proudly said that I'm enjoying Nino's solo A LOT. What a brat! (OK, this is nonsense.)

At first I think that it would be Aiba-chan's solo that will be out first... and I can imagine how the entire place will get hot immediately, haha. Just like last year!!! But thankfully no, I can't stand that kind of flows now, hahaha. I laughed too much last year I cried. So I'm glad it was Nino first, then followed by no other than our Matsumoto Jun. OH. I feel very vague about Jun's solo this year, even more compared to last year's. However just like any others Arashi songs, it's growing on me. I just couldn't grab the highlight... right. So I wonder how he pull out of this. And he's doing it. Like right now. At my face (not so literally haha). So the boy appears on a sofa on the upper right stage, posing like he's laying relaxedly. It was then some people starting to try to catch him and he's swiftly escaped from them by jumping down the wall, bouncing, running, climbing up the banner, bouncing, jumping (which make us all screamed aahhhhh, kyaaaaa) and doing the routines continuously throughout his solo. He managed to sing the song in between the acts tho, don't worry X))). By the end of the song, all his captors has given up and he's back laying to his sofa with... uhm, a promising pose (what am I talking about anyway!!!! AHHHHH!). I just hope he's fine and not injured anything ><. That was pretty fast! At the start of the song I was reminded immediately to Yamakasi, a movie about parkour that was so popular back then when I was in high school... ah, so nostalgic.

I kept my eyes on the spot where Jun's sofa is although the light is dimmed, ready for the next song... which is a group song. Turned out he didn't disappear somewhere like I'm expected but instead the member appear one by one sitting on their own place in 5 different spots of the stage, singing In the room. I love how they play with the lightings, focus on each member doing their solo part one at a time. It was beautiful. And I like In the room. Combined that, and BOOM! A mindblowing performance *insert brain exploded sound*. Everyone wearing outfits with the same color Jun wears for his solo: a combination of blue and gold pants and shirt with complicated gold ribbons attached. The overall look was simple, surprisingly. Well, even tho I'm not a good judge when it comes to costumes anyway ;P.

For the next song, which is very quick after In the room, they're wearing blue and gold jacket with a hat with feathers. So... Shonentai! I thought about that right away. Yes, it was Masquerade: each holds a standing mic on the center stage. Everyone said the part when they spat out water from their mouths at the last part of the song was great, but actually I couldn't see that clearly from our stand here. After Masquerade, they sung Happiness and starting to spread all over the stage. I think it was then when Nino and Aiba came our way? But they didn't stay very long. I just remembered how Aiba smiles to everyone of us. With Aiba-chan, every smile is just natural, like it's part of his face. The guys keep coming and going but not staying too long around our place. Followed by Hadashi no Mirai which is so fun to dance with the girls on the row in front of us danced it perfectly! Wow. Next is Guts and honestly I prefer this song to be performed with dance... but instead they do it while waving to us. They returned back to the center stage to dance for Ai wo Sakebe tho. The song isn't my favorite and I don't really like it when it first came out but of course it easily seeping through your head just as usual.

After talking for a bit (Arashi desu, and such and such), someone told us to take our seats. I guess it was Sho. Then they talked about how it's so hot inside the dome while we all know that it's actually very cold outside. The talk then turned to what they've done the night before. Sho said he was drinking with a junior and said that they bumped in Matsujun who's also drinking with SOME juniors. LOL. Sho said he quietly left the scene while saying a very modest goodbye. Aiba then responded that he's also drinking in his room with another junior(s?). Funnily, it's apparent in Sho's face since I noticed how his eyes look tired but not for Aiba's. Jun, however didn't talk too much (or at all?) and he keep drinking from his water bottle, using his towel, and talked to the staffs a few times during MC. I kept wondering if he's tired or maybe... didn't feel good? I know his solo must be tiring and it's a wonder that Jun's sweating more and earlier than Aiba, haha. It's just the first half of the show, y'know?

Sho decided to talked more about the Juniors that joined Arashi for the tour this time (I know there are some regulars and there are some first timers, that is Travis Japan). He said his apology to us to ask our permission to take his time talking about Juniors. Apparently there's a Junior that once went to their live in the past, since his mother is a fan of Arashi. This junior boy got a ball with Sho's signature and kept it. And because of that, the Junior wants to get into Johnny's. Aiba responded enthusiastically about the Junior stories he heard and said sugoi, sugoi quite some times. This Junior called Shime-chan (by Aiba Masaki) also talked about a lot. Sho then mentioned there's also a junior who's an extra with her mother in the drama Yamada Taro Monogatari he did with Nino. Here, Nino supported him and say yes that's true. It seems the junior went into Johnny's audition after watching them both in the drama, or something like that. Here Aiba said that a junior (I didn't catch his name tho Jun said it) said that Matsumoto-san is so cool (with his style), to which Jun responded immediately. He said that a junior has gone to him and asked him for his clothes! Haha. What a junior! Nino and Ohno mentioned that while all of these happened, they are asleep in their respective room. I thought Nino would get a massage instead of sleeping, haha. Nino also looked a little bit tired, no wonder with his packed schedule for drama and movies promotion. Poor brat. The junior talks went a little bit longer but it was interesting because they talked about it with amazement and enthusiasm, about being in Johnny's and such and how sugoi that they got around up to this way now.

At some point Jun left the stage I think, I don't really remember when. Nino reported to us that Aiba made mistakes at some point, which Aiba responded with laughing. Nino further explained that at the part in Masquerade where everyone drank water then spit it out, Aiba swallow it instead. Haha. Soooo Aiba-chan, adorable. He said he's forget and he's just drinking it as usual. The result is he didn't spit the water like the others and ended up holding his laughter.

I guess it was Sakuraiba who then left the stage together, leaving only Ohmiya on the stage now. Ohno quickly switched to reporter mode then asked Nino if he has any project to announce/promote. Of course Nino has a lot!!! Haha to Kuraseba, Akamedaka, and Bocchan like it's not enough. And everytime Ohno asked Nino, Nino asked back, and what about you? Which Ohno answered playfullly, there's nothing~ (nai dessu ne~). Oh what a face he made! Kinda a smug face (even tho he's got nothing) and kinda zurui face hahaha. I want to smack him bad! He's supposed to teased Nino and as always, he got himself embarassed instead. Except this time he's not embarassed and proudly acted his reporter role smugly. LMAO.

When Jun is back and looked at those two... strange people he didn't really talk, again. And then Sakuraiba turned up and I don't really remember what they're talking about. Ohmiya were coming back pretty quick, kinda make Sakuraiba surprised of how fast those two changing. The conversation then turned to backstage story about Tennen who shares the same enthusiasm in... certain chocolate cake LOL (later I heard it was the hotel's specialty or something like that). Those two pretty much couldn't stop eating it everytime they have the chance. Aiba even said that Ohno has high josei-power (or girl power) because he loves the cake so much, even more than Aiba himself. Tho Aiba admitted that the cake is very delicious. Ohno said that he's now understand how the girls are feeling when they eat something sweet or something good. He said when it's so good you can't help but want to share it to someone else, which turned out to be Aiba in his case. Oh, tennen~ you guys are just sooooo adorkable!

The talk then turned to be more serious in order to move to the second half, but it was very brief. Oh by the way, the guys have changed to costumes in white with green and silver combined. Came up next is... the song I didn't think will appear right after MC: Nihon Yoitoko Makafushigi. I love this song!!! I have to point out that I even like this song's performance far more than Kokoro no Sora back in Music Station Special. It was just fun! Everyone squealed when they watched Ohno, Nino, and Aiba doing the backflip of course! That was the highlight right? What I like more about Nihon Yoitoko Makafushigi is how the juniors appeared in groups with different costumes representing Johnny's in their respective era. I can make out Four Leaves, Heikeha, Hikaru Genji (they used real rollerskates!), and Otokogumi. The Juniors are indeed working hard, huh. I know that Arashi themselves represent Shounentai so it just complete the pictures. So very Johnny's. In a way.

That the next song was Kimi e no Omoi makes a question mark popping out on the top of my head. It's just... the contrast? Or so I thought, yet surprisingly it came out smoothly. Kimi e no Omoi was one of Japonism songs that stuck in my head right away and became one of my favorites right away. I was wondering how this song will be performed... I thought it will be like Sayonara no ato de in Love tour. But no, it's kinda performed like Ashita no Kioku in Beautiful World concert. At some point of the song, the screen displayed the pictures of the boys from various age/era. It was kinda fun, knowing that the song is more like member-to-member and group-to-fan song. Suteki. It was not boring but not exaggerated either. It's perfect.

Sho's solo came next! He was holding a drum and playing it, a solo part first, ... pretty long, then followed by Juniors also playing drums. The whole song is fully supported by the Sho's drumming and Junior drum band and they also make various dance formation while doing it! Nice job Juniors!!! Sho's part ended safely, followed by no other than our... Mr. FUNK! He came out from the right side of the stage (near our seats!!!) holding on the long white cloth hanging from balloon in the midst of air (I didn't even bother to check the ceiling haha! No time!). Hilariously, this reminds me of A no Arashi... the ballon made its loooooongggg way to be actually used in the actual concert, as a big part of the act (and I was like, YOU DID IT! AIBA-CHAN!). Aiba was wearing an open gold jacket and a pair of dark aladdin pants. We're all chanting his name, Mr. Funk, Mr. Funk, Mr. Funk! He got down on the stage and singing while dancing the funny moves which probably a little bit similar with Disco Star's dance for few parts. We're all laughing at his antics but there's no use pretend that he's not shining that night. He's definitely sparkling that night, even more than last year I guess. Part of that probably thanks to the glistening sweats he produced haha. The juniors came around him, started to massage him here and there. Looks like they're preparing him for something. And then the Mr. Funk took off his gold jacket (which makes everyone screamed KYAAAAA) and then changed to what looks like an oversized t-shirt with simple “FUNK” written on the front part. Mind it, Aiba can make anything looks good on him right? I'm sure I'll be drown in that t-shirt if I was the one wearing that (no one asked that wew). He then climb up (again) the hanging long cloth and starting to held his body with it in complicated wrap. I was scared of him falling while doing that... for he's only held by the cloth and I couldn't see any lifeline support him ><. Oh Aiba-chan, please be careful... we know you're working hard, but please be careful! So when his legs wrapped safely by the cloth and spread out his hands (!) and he's hanging there steadily I dunno how many people actually sighing, relieved that he's fine and once again finished the performance safely. And he was smiling so bright (and proudly and innocently) I think I could melt (right here, right now)~ *sigh*. I dunno that a smile can contain so many different things at the same time...

Funky is the song that many people look forward to, or so it seems... because everyone's getting ready with their penlights right away. The boys were out from different directions and guiding us to dance with them. I think it was then when it just happened that Sho came out from the far right side of the stage riding a cart. He's wearing a checkered jacket and a hat and he's riding toward our direction, that's why I remember that clearly. I'm cheering up Virginia, since she was so close with her favorite right!!! However before Sho got right in front of our stand, He turned to reach the right hand of the stage and got off of the cart. Too bad.I know I'm gonna suck at this... I barely practiced! However, since Virginia on my right side seems to be a lot better than me, as so Kaori-san beside her, I reckon I could follow her example. That, and by watching the people in front of me and the screens. Nevertheless, I embarassed myself when I accidentally bumped my penlight to Virginia's (>///<) sorry!!! I'm such a clumsy clown ><. Good thing is that it only happened once and Virginia is more than kind enough to let that go. Funky passed by very quickly, just like how it comes, followed by Bolero! Not the song I expected (how many times this kind of thought occurred to me that night huh?). Bolero makes the boys hyped up and we followed up by mimicking their movement: twirling our penlight in a small circle shape pretty fast. I'm not sure if I'm noticing that Ohno was gone... maybe I did, just shortly before Bolero ended.

My heart is beating faster with excitement. The stage is dark and slowly Japanese instrumental music fading in. There he was. Ohno was on the second floor of the main stage wearing kimono and mask. Or masks. Since with a swift yet beautiful move he keeps changing the kimono and taking off the mask just to reveal another mask beneath. He threw ribbons and fans in between. I have seen Ohno doing this in Kyo to Kyo DVD tho, but watching DVD and actually seeing it with my very own eyes are 180 degree different. Absolutely different. It was fast and smooth, as expected of Ohno. He finally showed his face under the last mask, then he disappeared behind his kimono that was still standing there. The kimono fell with a quick shoosh movement and bam! Ohno suddenly appeared in the center of the main stage!!! Shock! But of course I know there's a double (or more) so he can move place that fast! o.O even so, it's still incredible that he could do it smoothly with perfect timing (which is very narrow and I'm sure not less difficult). He then doing more movements using masks, fan, and ribbons. It's not even part of the song yet, but it's already quite long. And I'm happy for that. Surely this extended performance is way way much much better than last year's very very short performance. Again when he finally revealed his face under all those masks, the intro of Akatsuki starting to play and he got rid off the kimono to reveal a gold and red costumes underneath. I remember switching from the screen to the stage then. He's starting to dance and walk from the main stage to the junction of the center stage, followed by some Juniors. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I don't think I even blinked while he's dancing, simply because I didn't want to miss even a single movement of him. And it's worthy. Because he's dancing sharply, yet swiftly, just what you expected from Ohno Satoshi. Remember that I watch from the sidelines, right on the right side of the center stage so I could see clearly every step he took while dancing to the center of the junction. I feel that throughout his performace all audiences seems to forget about their penlights (no one paid attention to that) and they all seems to hold their breath and concentrating to the bits. It was breathtaking, indeed. I just hoped when they make the DVD, they can put the multi angle version of Ohno's solo. It's more than just deserve that! The whole performance just felt so-Japanese and more than anything, it was so Johnny's. I know Tackey also performed the similar acts in his shows Takizawa Kabuki and Takizawa Enbujou but not everyone can perform that. So it's like a power performance even for Johnny's.

The stage gets darkened after Ohno's solo, then a group of Juniors appear in traditional Japanese costumes. From the right back part of the main stage there's a part that unveiled a row of shamisen players. They're wearing black hakama I guess? On the left side there were the taiko players. The music is playing as more Juniors came into the stage doing Japanese dragon dance. It totally screamed out “MATSURI”. The stage became colourful and alive after the darkness in the end of Akatsuki. Slowly the music built up to the intro Japonesque and the members were out wearing colourful kimonos (I've seen them before the con and I remember the costume pretty well, they were striking after all!). They're dancing through the song with umbrellas and fans. The “MATSURI” is complete, I thought. Unfortunately they didn't wear the kimonos for long for after that they took off the colourful costumes to revealed a red and black costumes for Kokoro no Sora. I love Kokoro no Sora for its gorgeous guitar and shamisen solo parts so I paid attention quite closely to the shamisen players, especially. Kokoro no Sora performed in a grand way, I really felt that.
More familiar songs came out after the grandeur Kokoro no Sora: first is Sunrise Nippon, which is a nice choice in my opinion. After all those songs with strong “Japan” feels in them, Sunrise Nippon seems to set a good flow for the next part of the concert. I have to say that Sunrise Nippon's dance is one of my favorites and I have a point(s) in my life when I watched the PV over and over, couldn't get enough of it. Well, the lyrics are also good! Contrary to my wish, of course, they didn't dance to it. Instead they spread around the stage and start waving and doing anything they're being asked for from the uchiwas. Oh Yeah! is a staple number in concert and as much as everyone else, I was also welcoming it with high spirit: the out-of-head lyrics and the hand movements for Oh Yeah! are established already, right? Believe came up next and honestly I didn't really remember what happened, except that Sho for the xxxxxxxth times has again succesfully sing his rap part. I've attempted many times try to follow Sho's rap pace in Believe and... failed. I just love the lyrics, so I will attempt to do it again.

It was like, eh? Already? When Believe ended and the light was dimmed. The closing speech started with... Sho? I guess it was Sho. Sho as always, is very polite and you can feel the warmth in his speech. I didn't really remember about the detail but aside from saying his gratefulness, he also mentioned how and why they came up with the “Japonism” theme this year.
Ohno is next! I wonder what he's saying... I'd rather say he's not that mellow tonight. Doing it properly, he thanks us for coming and being keep up with them. He also talked about his determination to be able to dance properly until when he gets old.
Unlike last year, people don't seem to mind to change their penlight's color according to the member who speak at the time. Many did so tho, and I'm just kind of used to it so I change my penlight automatically every time a member speak.
Aiba-chan's showed his bright smile but the when he said that he almost forget what to say because he's looking at the beautiful light from the penlights we couldn't help but laughed at him. He said how he's thankful that he can be there, that they (Arashi) got through up to this point. He also being grateful to have great seniors and juniors, which they talked about a lot in MC. I think he said something about the members but I couldn't catch what it was, thanks to my crappy nihongo, wew. Everyone also laughed at that tho.
Nino came up and started by mocking Aiba's speech! Haha! The brat! Of course, when it comes to the serious part he could do it properly. Even when he expressed his gratefulness in Nino-way, well, I can feel it. Too bad I didn't remember much of the details.
At last, it's Matsujun's turn. I know I have to say sorry, because rather concentrating on what he's actually saying I was concentrating on how he looks tonight. He looks rather... solemn? And it's clear that he's tired. Poor Jun, I just keep wishing he's fine, that he's okay, and that he gets a good rest after the show. However! I don't want the show to end yet! Sigh.

Bokura ga tsunaideiku seems like the perfect song after the closing speech. The boys waving their arms to us and then disappeared.
We started chanting “ARASHI, ARASHI” to call them out, although I'm sure they'll be out for sure, haha. They took quite a while to finally came out tho, maybe because they're quite tired. They came out wearing concert t-shirt with matching pants and vests that have the same pattern with the furoshiki. Singing Yume ni Kakeru first, then Love so Sweet. Jun saying thanks to the band, then taiko players, the shamisen player, and the juniors. The juniors were indeed work very hard and display a great performance that night. I recognized They Budou and MADE and try to look at the Travis Japan member closely. I think it was then when Sho and Nino starting to imitate the Taiko players movement in front of their rows. Those two! While Jun is properly thanking! Haha. Next song is A.RA.SHI and we got to sing the last part of Ohno's part as usual <3. Sadly, A. RA.SHI was the last song too to my surprised. I thought the encore would be longer but then when I thought about it, it wasn't that surprising since I know the members must be exhausted already. Not to mention that they stil have another show the next day. We all tried to call them back for double encore tho, however the effort quickly died down since the announcer properly informed us the usual things at the end of the concert. It wasn't even 9 yet! Not even 3 hours! I was a little bit disappointed but too much good things isn't that good right? Hehe.

We took our time before leaving our seats and I took the chance to take some pics. When we finally left our seats and walking through the gate I keep thinking when will they release the DVD... yep, because watching once is not enough! We got out safely, glad that it wasn't too crowded. Outside there are still many people buying the goods tho. We took some pics around the venue then headed to the nearest shopping center to grab our dinner.
P_20151218_205617 copy.jpg

Sorry for any misspelling and grammar fails ><

Date: 2016-03-21 03:52 am (UTC)
wonsraed: kuro (Default)
From: [personal profile] wonsraed

Date: 2016-09-16 03:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kazue19.livejournal.com
Hi! I'm one of the Cs you met at the con last year! : )

I'm listening right now to Japonism concert audio (which someone has shared) and I just found your blog! So happy to realize that you were one of the fellow Arashians I had a chance to meet up with at the con. Hope we meet again in the next concert!
#AreYouHappy : )

Date: 2016-09-16 11:08 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] justfever.livejournal.com

Hello!!! It's been a while eh? I remember you... Christine right? ;)
I'm also thankful we met last year ^^
too bad I can't go this year for are you happy... will you go? you're so lucky~

Date: 2016-10-28 02:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kazue19.livejournal.com
Yes, it's me.^^
Fond memories of Japonism!
I wish I could go this year to the con. Seems like it's not possible, but hoping still : )
Have you listened to the songs? They're great!

Date: 2016-11-03 03:02 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] justfever.livejournal.com
Japonism was a great show, except that it's not long enough (no encore!) XP
I wish I could go too... but time-wise and budget-wise it's impossible for me, sadly :'(

Yes, I have!!! Do you have any favorite song from the album? Miles Away is great but I fell for Drive instantly ^^
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Date: 2016-11-14 02:36 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kazue19.livejournal.com
Drive is groovy! I also like it :)

Besides Drive, my favorites are Miles Away, To My Homies, Nino's solo (:""") and Jun's Baby Blue. The other songs are also great.

With the con reports out, I can't wait for the DVD!

me and arashi♥.

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"Aiba, Ninomiya, Matsumoto, Ohno, Sakurai! We'll do the things only all five of us together can do! And bring people all over the world, feelings of happiness!"
-Matsumoto Jun in Mayonaka no Arashi.

"I just kept making them anyway. It was like…made it, failed, made it, failed… (laughs) But if I had been failing too much, I just couldn’t find the way to fail anymore. Then it was getting closer to what I wanted slowly. Once I could make it, I really enjoyed making it."
-Satoshi Ohno on comment about his artworks exhibition, Freestyle.

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