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My plan for Day #3 is... to watch Kazama's butai with Fatma!!! Yay! I was so excited!!!

That is... if we can get the ticket, haha. And to go to the place, The New National Theatre, is another thing. I have to go to Shinjuku first then change to Keio Line to reach Hatsudai. Problem is, Shinjuku is big and I'm not familiar with it and we literally lost, if not almost, in it last year. Also, Shinjuku is quite far away from Minami-senju. I have to take off at Nippori and take almost half of the Yamanote line to reach the big station.
But first I need to go to the post office to send some packages for acquaintance. I was eager to go (well, the things were pretty heavy) so I arrived to the post office early. It's not open yet. This thing about Japan I don't understand is how they open quite late. Here in our town, most offices open on 8 and a lot of shops open on 6 or even early than that. I have to wait (awkwardly) until the post office finally opens... at about a minute or two after 9. It took quiet a while so I could only left the post office a few minutes after 9.30! I know I'd definitely late to meet Fatma, so instead of meeting in Hatsudai Station, I suggest her to go ahead and we'll meet right in front of the theatre.

The elevator to The New National Theatre.
[bad shot]

After a string of confusions, I made it tho (Shinjuku is indeed big!). Reaching Hatsudai safely, going upstairs to the surface, I found Fatma already waiting for me in front of the theatre. It was almost 11 yet the place seems empty and quiet. When Fatma asked the recepcionist desk, we found out that the cheapest ticket is sold out (16xx yen) and what's available at that time is only the expensive one (5xxx yen). Of course we didn't take that (no budget!) and instead we moved to Plan B: watching Haha to Kuraseba in the nearest cinema. It's already in our schedules to plan things that movie, furthermore it was Wednesday and that means Ladies' day discount! Haha. You see, if we can't see the 17th June boy, why don't we see another 17th June boy? Haha, the idea!

Gojira also recommend Star Wars for you!

So we're heading to Shinjuku and try to find nearest theatre. Have I mentioned that Tokyo is totally in Star Wars mode? The night before when I was in Akiba, all of the shops displaying Star Wars-related things and many played Star Wars theme songs. Well, Shinjuku is no different. Star Wars theme was played on streets and of course the cinema is decorated with Star Wars. Fatma said that if I want to get some Star Wars and/or Haha to Kuraseba things, the best place to find them is Toho Cinema. Reason? Toho has many variants of the merchandise. So when we finally found the Toho Cinema in Shinjuku, I grabbed some of the movie leaflets and take a look at the merchandise. There were a lot, indeed, including the currently running movies like Orange and such aside from Haha to Kuraseba and Star Wars. They even have all magazines featuring Nino in Haha to Kuraseba there. For Star Wars there are many choices, including a tie with Star Wars pattern: Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, and even Yoda (in green and silver colors which reminded me A LOT to Slytherin's tie!). I suggest Fatma to buy tie for her father who also loves Star Wars, but she said it's too expensive. Definitely, too bad the merchandises are expensive, so even tho I like Star Wars I didn't buy any nor I bought any for my friends. Turned out that the Toho Cinema we visited is a 4D theatre so there's no Haha to Kuraseba there, only the merchandise in the store. So we have to find another theatre nearby.

Strolling around Shinjuku is quite good that day. The weather is pleasant and it was more like autumn than winter, it wasn't that crisp cold. With the yellow-leaf trees here and there it shout out fall season. After a walk for quite some times I actually sweating, which kinda surprised me. We made our way to Animate nearby and not far from there we found another cinema... with Haha to Kuraseba running, thankfully.
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"Aiba, Ninomiya, Matsumoto, Ohno, Sakurai! We'll do the things only all five of us together can do! And bring people all over the world, feelings of happiness!"
-Matsumoto Jun in Mayonaka no Arashi.

"I just kept making them anyway. It was like…made it, failed, made it, failed… (laughs) But if I had been failing too much, I just couldn’t find the way to fail anymore. Then it was getting closer to what I wanted slowly. Once I could make it, I really enjoyed making it."
-Satoshi Ohno on comment about his artworks exhibition, Freestyle.

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